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Have you heard about the girl, who would go every evening to the riverbed, looking for something? One evening, as she sat crouched, digging into the soil furiously, a woman who was roaming by stopped and asked her what she was looking for.

“These,” said the girl as she scooped out something from the little pit.

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“And what might these be?” asked the woman, raising her eyebrow, even as her eyes fell on the smooth, round pebbles in the palms of the child.

“Words,” said the little girl, now no longer looking at the woman. She began to dig deeper and deeper, wanting to fill her pockets with more of them,  before it got too dark.

The woman waited. Moments later,  the girl stood up and began to dust the mud off her frock. The woman turned to her.

“And why do you need these words, little one?”

“To build bridges,” said the girl, now slipping her feet into sandals and beginning to go.

“But they are not enough,” said the  woman, falling into step with the girl, “Bridges need steel, cement and water and perhaps… fire too.”

“I know,” said the little girl, with confidence.

“Well…then how do you hope to build them, with a fistful of these shiny blue pebbles? “

The woman, who was not used to walking long distances, was feeling breathless now.

“I have them all,” replied the girl, with an air of authority.

“Where?” asked the woman.

That was when the girl turned and looked at the woman. In the lengthening shadows of the evening, the woman looked care-worn; there were lines of worry on her face.

“You will know, when I build one, “said the little girl, slipping her hand into the woman’s.

The woman let out another sigh.

“You will let me cross it?” asked the woman finally.

“Of course, you own the bridge as much as I do, isn’t it?” said the little girl.

“How?” asked the woman, hoping she did not sound very perplexed.

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“You see,” said the little girl, “the cement, steel, water…fire and whatever it is that I have, I borrowed from you.”

“Borrowed?! What do you mean? I don’t have even a particle of them in my house.”

“No you have them all,” said the girl in a voice, that was firm and determined, “only you need my eyes to see them…and my heart.”

And in the dim light of that winter evening, both their faces broke into smiles.

The clouds, which had been hovering above them dissolved into rain.

The woman felt light and cleansed. She lifted her face to the skies and laughed. Her questions seemed insignificant now. She knew, she and this girl, together they could build bridges. Every day. Every moment. And that is all that mattered.


And that my dear pal is what I do, to keep my home fires burning. I create content. I build bridges. I tell stories. If you would like to connect with me further , hit  the “subscribe” button on the left side.

Me and you, we are a team. Together, we will build bridges. And learn.  And grow. For in the end, questions do matter. As much as answers.

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12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. My dear dear sister-in-thought and sister-in-words. I have tears reading this. I am that little girl and I am that woman. There is an inner bridge connecting both my selves. Made with these pebbles of wisdom and insight, held together with the cement and steel of human connection and understanding. Power and blessings to you in your new avatar!
    Lots of love

    1. Yes Chakra! We have both the little girl and the woman within us. Only we need to make their paths intersect, so that the curiosity of one becomes the wisdom of the other. Thank you so much for your blessings. Love and hugs.

      Your sister-in-thought and sister-in-words

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